Scores affected by stormy Cape Town weather

Scores affected by stormy Cape Town weather

Over 15,000 people have been impacted by the wet and stormy weather in Cape Town.

Empangeni residents recount destructive storm
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The city’s Disaster Management Chief Director Colin Deiner revealed the number on Wednesday during a briefing on the province's response to severe weather conditions.


He said it is difficult to keep track of the displaced individuals.


"We work together with SASSA as well as the Department of Social Development to ensure that we are keeping track of the amount of people that we are feeding, and at this stage, we have provided 11,000 meals to people that are affected.


"Evacuations have been more around the region of about 4,000, and I mentioned that it’s very hard to keep track of the evacuations because people do not normally evacuate to the shelters that are placed for them; some just move to their families or friends that are situated in the area.”


The South African Weather Service has issued a warning of orange levels 6 and 8 for disruptive rain on Thursday in the Cape Town, Witzenberg, Swartland, Drakenstein, and Stellenbosch municipalities, leading to flooding and possible mudslides. 


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