Substation fire kills homeless man
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Substation fire kills homeless man

One person was killed and another injured in a fire at a substation near Newclare in Johannesburg.


City Power’s Isaac Mangena says they two men used the substation as a place to sleep.  

"It is believed the two tried to pen one of the 88kilo volt box and that is housed inside the substation and try to steal some of the material inside, causing an explosion that killed one of them.”

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Mangena says City Power technicians and engineers are working to restore electricity in suburbs south-west of Johannesburg, including Maraisburg, Bosmond and Relief.

Mangena says there were delays in restoring power due to the substation being a crime scene.

"We were delayed by the police and emergency services that were on the scene and we couldn't get our technicians to work on restoration."

Mini-substations will be erected to bring power to the affected areas.

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