Top IEB achievers' advice to new matrics: ‘Work hard, be patient’

Top IEB achievers' advice to new matrics: ‘Work hard, be patient’

Two matric pupils, who are among the top achievers at St Davids Marist Inanda in Johannesburg, have advised this year’s grade 12s to work hard and have fun time.

Jacob and mathew

Matthew Shahim and Jacob Walbeck are among the IEB’s top achievers with eight and seven distinctions, respectively.

The Independent Examination Board (IEB) released the 2021 matric results on Tuesday midnight with 98.39% pass rate.

Shahim, who obtained eight distinctions including in Accounting, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, says he is excited about his results.

“I am completely overwhelmed with happiness, I never expected it. If you can just here my voice, I have lost my voice from joy.

“It was scary to wait, but I have been distracting myself just to take my mind of the results.

Shahim admits last year was not easy.

“It was really a tough year, definitely the hardest year of my life. Matric is hard as it is and Covid-19 just made it much harder, but the teachers, the effort that they put , the support, they gave us.. I have realised that whatever I can put my mind on I can get it. And I am just really grateful.

“I had an opportunity that many people didn’t have, and I thought let me make the most of it," adds Shahim.

He says the best advice he can give to the matrics of 2022 is to work hard and have fun.  

“I will tell them firstly, they can do anything they put their mind on but also have fun. They must have fun and make the most of every opportunity.

“Matric is really  stressful year and really hard with all the work and we often get distracted with all the work and forget to have fun, go out with friends and just make the most of the last year  at school. Work hard and the results will come.

Shahim is hoping to study Actuarial Science at the University of Cape Town.

Walbeck, who achieved seven distinctions including in Accounting, Business Studies, Mathematics and Geography, says he managed it through the support of family and the school.

“The way I managed was just through the support of the people around me, specifically my parents and my support structure at home, but also the support structure of teachers at school. I couldn’t have done it without them, they guided us through two challenging years of Covid-19.”

He warns the class of 2022 to be patient.

“Be patient and take the opportunities as soon as you can and just don’t get too far ahead of yourself, matric takes continuous work and effort,”

Walbeck plans to study a degree in International Business at Stellenbosch University.


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