Tshepo 1 Million - coming to Gauteng

Tshepo 1 Million - coming to Gauteng

Gauteng Premier David Makhura is setting some ambitious goals. 

Tshepo 1 million
Photo: Faith Daniels

And it's all aimed at making a significant dent in addressing youth unemployment in the province. 

The statistics are startling - One points to the fact that more than 2 million young people in the province are not working. 

So what are the answers? And where will the economic hub of Africa begin to address this? 

Makhura hosted a breakfast in Sandton sharing his government's plan with businesses and the media. 

He wants both sectors to come on board. 

David Makhura Tshepo 1 million
Photo: Faith Daniels

For that plan to be successful, massive buy-in is needed.

The initial response seems promising - big businesses signing up to help out, and media houses pledging to back the plan. 

The idea is to get as many young people skilled, in internships and in places of work - with the firm commitment of those who have the means to make this happen. 

It's hoped a large group of affected youth can be assisted - therefore the 1 million target. 

For a man who has only been at the helm of the province for three years, it's going to take some doing - but Makhura believes the magnitude of the problem warrants intervention on such a scale. 

"The country is burning. We have huge problems in this country, but we can tackle them. I think the partnership with Tshepo 1 Million is a partnership that focuses on that section of society," says Makhura.

"If we don't give young people an opportunity to realise their dreams, they will end up in the wasteland. The wasteland is a very dangerous place - it's prison, it's drugs. They will end up where there is no hope."

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