Tshwane council fails to pass adjustment budget

Tshwane council fails to pass adjustment budget

The City of Tshwane failed to pass its adjustment budget again on Friday morning after also missing its two previous deadlines. 

Tshwane council parties caucus
Sinethemba Madolo

The city council met on Friday morning to table its adjustment budget after the Thursday sitting was postponed due to delays and countless caucus breaks.

But only 107 councillors in the DA-led multiparty coalition voted in favour of the budget.

The budget needed 108 votes to pass.

The city missed two deadlines to pass the adjustment budget for the 2022/2023 financial year which determines how much more residents will pay in water, electricity, sewage, waste removal as well as electricity increases.

Treasury has instructed the city to table two budgets before 14 April, the Mid-Year Adjustment Budget and SDBIP for the current financial year, together with the 2023/2024 Financial Year budget.

The deadline for the municipality to pass the adjustment budget expires on Friday night.

The failure to pass the budget has now risked the city being placed under administration by the Provincial Department of Cooperative Governance.

The city mayor Cilliers Brink pleaded with the councillors to support the adjustment budget to avoid implications that might lead to another poor audit outcome.

Despite Brink's plea, the EFF and ANC rejected the budget, saying it was not pro-poor.


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