VIDEO: Dolphins stranded after Dineo hits

VIDEO: Dolphins stranded after Dineo hits

The Cashew Bay Lodge in Inhassoro, Mozambique has posted a video of a stranded pod of dolphins on its Facebook page.

stranded dolphins dineo

According to the Cashew Bay Lodge's manager, Derrick Flaxman, the pod of 16 dolphins beached during tropical storm, Dineo, early this morning.


He says that the dolphins got stranded infront of the lodge at aroun 1:30am whereafter people from neighbouring lodges jumped in and helped them to rescue the animals

"I have never seen this in my life but I was told that the same thing happenend during Cyclone Favio in 2007," he says.


Flaxman adds that they managed to release 8 of the dolphins but 8 others, including 2 babies, died. 


"Swam them out, but they were disorientated and kept beaching. Eventually the released dolphins swam out," he says.


Here is the video:

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