[WATCH] 'Corona must fall,' says Vavi as he battles Covid-19

[WATCH] 'Corona must fall,' says Vavi as he battles Covid-19

A heavily sweating Zwelinzima Vavi tell South Africans that the coronavirus has "finally met its match".

Zwelinzima Vavi

The general secretary of the South African Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu) announced he was diagnosed with Covid-19 after insisting on multiple tests when his mild flu-like symptoms would not go away.


Since getting his diagnosis, Vavi has been documenting his road to recovery on Twitter.


On Saturday morning he posted a video on Twitter captioned "never give up! The fight is on!" where he is seen sweating profusely and breathing heavily.


"It stands no chance, none whatsoever. It is going to be defeated. It is going to be chased out of this body. We are made of stern stuff. It will fall. It must fall," he says.

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