WATCH: #ZumaMustFall now has a song

WATCH: #ZumaMustFall now has a song

The Zuma Must Fall campaign now has a song it can march to.

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Singer and songwriter Don Clarke, along with Special Care, wrote and recorded a song titled 'Zuma Must Fall' amid the ongoing criticism of President Jacob Zuma and his fitness to hold office.

Clarke has written songs for the likes of PJ Power and Leon Schuster and, according to his website, his band 'The Crutch Mullets' is portraying the best and worst of South African culture through a wide range of original music.

Take a look:

Zuma Must Fall lyrics:

My beloved country I can feel your pain

(It's like that)

I can see the writing on the wall

(Be careful)

Down in the valleys and across the plain


I can hear your people call

This land is dying in the hands of a man

Who has no answer at all

(He does not know)

We must not wait until there's nothing left to lose

(We need help)

With our backs against the wall


Zuma must fall

We need somebody who can help us

We need somebody we can trust.

The government must change because

we vote for them.

Last night I dreamed I saw Madiba's eyes

(Our father)

Gazing sad upon this place

(Yes, it's really painful)

Ten million voices echoed through the night

(What must we do?)

As a tear ran down his face



It's us who are voting for him

Yes! Us! We voted to put him in parliament

But today we are struggling

But today there are no job opportunities

Our brothers and sisters have got

diplomas and degrees but no job


Yet … it is us who voted for him


Now that the sun is sinking slowly in the sky

And your dreams are calling to you

But the life you dream of is still far, far away

There is but one thing we can do…


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