'We are not going back to the days of load shedding' - Eskom

'We are not going back to the days of load shedding' - Eskom

Eskom says it is doing everything in its power to ensure no interruption in electricity supply.

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The power utility says the concerns raised over inadequate coal supply at its Hendrina Power Station, is "being addressed".

Eskom spokesperson, Khulu Phasiwa says everything possible is being done to ensure the days of load shedding stays in the past.

"Eskom management has tasked the people working at the Hendrina Power Station to go back to the coal stock yard and determine how many coal stock days are left. The energy regulator, Nersa, on average requires that we should not have less than 20 days of coal stock pile at any given moment."

However, leaked meeting minutes on Friday revealed that managers were warned that the station could be forced to shut down because of inadequate coal supplies from Tegeta.

"People on the ground said that there are less than 20 days of coal stock pile left. At the moment we are not receiving the adequate supplies from Tegeta. This matter has already been raised with the energy regulator."

The leaked minutes reveal that Tegeta has since April not been performing fully in terms of the contract with Eskom.

"We are in discussions with Tegeta so that they can comply with the contract. We want to know what they going to do to rectify the violation of the contract."

Eskom has also written to the National Energy Regulator of South Africa about the violation.

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