What happens if the no confidence vote succeeds?
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What happens if the no confidence vote succeeds?

Members of Parliament will debate and vote on a motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma tomorrow. 

President Zuma in Parliament

National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete granted the opposition's wish to vote by way of a secret ballot, a move which opposition parties believe increases the chance of the motion succeeding. 

Voting booths will be set up on the floor of the National Assembly to allow MPs to vote in secret, following a debate on the motion of no confidence. 

Should 201 of the 400 MPs (in other words 50%+1) vote in favour of President Jacob Zuma's removal, the president and his entire executive will have to resign.

Social media's hilarious response to secret ballot

The Speaker (Baleka Mbete in this instance) will then become the country's acting president for 30 days to give the National Assembly time to elect a new president from its ranks. 

Political analyst Ralph Mathekga further explains.

The National Assembly then has 30 days in which to elect a new president. 

The new president would have to garner the support of the majority of the National Assembly, making it more than likely that President Zuma's successor would come from the ANC. 

Should this not be possible, fresh elections would have to be called. 

Should be motion fail President Zuma would remain in the Union Buildings.

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