Women focused on short-term financial survival, new survey reveals

Women focused on short-term financial survival, new survey reveals

A new study by debt management company DebtBusters has shown women to be more concerned about short-term financial goals.

Stacey and J Sbu

The counselling firm conducted a money-stress tracker survey of over 14,000 participants which explored how money-related stress impacts other aspects of consumers’ lives.

Head of DebtBusters Benay Sager says women tend to focus on short-term survival, with expenses such as school fees high on their list of priorities.

“After looking at answers from everyone, we draw that women do not focus as much on what they will retire on and having the right insurance in place. Their short-term survival instinct and concerns are overwhelming.

“Most appear to have no ability to worry about the long-term implications and I think this shows how consumers are struggling.”

Most people remain reluctant to ask for financial assistance.

“We asked participates if they would consider debt counselling and 6/10 said they don’t need it, and a quarter said they don’t know about it.

“Some people look at debt consulting as defeat, but that’s not true.”


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