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The lighter side of the State of Capture report - Know your travel buddy

The State of Capture report has brought many things to our attention. One of those things - that some of the political who's who named and perhaps shamed - can make for the worst type of traveller. 


Some just make things happen. 

Take Eskom CEO Brian Molefe for instance. Mr Molefe seems to be the one who can arrange for the moola to land in your bank account by the time you bubble wrap your luggage. 

Just phone him with the date - the deadline can be as tight as 3 months - and rest assured your phone will beep to confirm the deposits. And he does it with the deepest of sincerity. 

For no extra charge, he will wear his emotions on his sleeve and even shed a tear to demonstrate his commitment.  BEEP! Money's in! The State of your Budget Sorted. 

To quote Thuli Madonsela:

"Financial analysis for the period 29 January 2016 to 13 April 2016, reveals that Eskom paid to Tegeta an amount of R 1,161,953,248.41. An additional R47,424,919.16 was paid on 26 April 2016."

Brian Molefe - AFP

On the other side of the travel scale, rather leave Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas at home. He doesn't seem to realise the importance of always having cash in the back pocket. 

For whatever ..... a cappuccino while on the road or an unplanned helicopter flip over Dubai, one needs notes in one's purse. And Jonas won't have any cause he clearly doesn't believe in walking around with a buffed up wallet. Not even to store a handsome sum. 

He is that friend who insists on paying for a burger with a card. But he will call you out on your trickery..

Thuli Madonsela:

"As Mr Jonas was walking towards the door, Mr A. Gupta made a further offer of R600 million to be deposited in an account of his choice. He asked if Mr Jonas had a bag which he could use to receive and carry R600,000 in cash immediately, which he declined."

Mcebisi Jonas

You want the best flights at your convenient time? Then Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane is the man to invite on that business trip. 

No need for the travel agent to tell you there are no flights available. 

It doesn't matter how complicated your itinerary, Zwane can pull it off. 

What's more - here is a man who will whisk you away to locations on different continents, without anyone knowing you were gone. The state of your travel will never be the same again. 

Thuli Madonsela:

"Minister Zwane's conduct with regards to his flight itinerary to Switzerland appears to be irregular.

Travel records obtained from Emirates Airlines confirm that Minister Zwane's travel itinerary for a trip undertaken between 29 November 2015 to 7 December 2015, which includes whether or not the flight was boarded.

It is unclear as to why Minister Zwane did not board his flights from 2 December 2015 to 5 December 2015.

What is further peculiar is how Minister Zwane, managed to reach Dubai on 7 December 2015 as there are no flight details for him travelling from Zurich to Dubai."

Mosebenzi Zwane_gcis
File photo: GCIS

You might be short of friends, but it seems former MP Vytjie Mentor is not an ideal travel buddy. 

Mentor got into a car with tinted windows and was driven to a place she has never been before. And she didn't ask any questions. 

But to be fair, the driver did have her name up on a sign as she left the airport. 

Thuli Madonsela:

"Ms Mentor stated that a week before the Cabinet reshuffle in October 2010, she travelled from Cape Town to Johannesburg on a South African Airways ("SAA") flight believing she was going to meet with President Zuma.

The meeting was arranged by a staffer from the Presidency. Upon her arrival at OR Tambo International Airport ("ORTIA"), she was welcomed by two unknown men at the arrivals lounge who held her name tag. The men drove her to the offices of Sahara Computers first. They later drove her to the residence of the Gupta family in Saxonwold".

Vytjie Mentor_facebook

If reliability is what you want, look no further than Themba Maseko

The former CEO of Government's Communication and Information System clearly doesn't like his plans changed. He asks questions but he won't change his plans to suit you. 

If he has committed to attending an event, he will show up. 

Thuli Madonsela:

"Mr Maseko stated that a few weeks later, he received a call from a senior staffer at The New Age newspaper who demanded a meeting with him. It was on a Friday and Mr Maseko was on his way to the Nedbank Golf Challenge in Sun City. He apparently requested the newspaper employee to make an appointment with his office on Monday;

The said employee apparently said to Mr Maseko, "I am not asking you. I am telling you. The meeting has to happen. It is urgent because of the launch of the newspaper." This was followed by a call from Mr A. Gupta an hour later. He apparently demanded a meeting the next day, which was a Saturday. Mr Maseko stated that he informed Mr A. Gupta that he was on his way to Sun City for a golf tournament and they could arrange the meeting on Monday;"

Themba Maseko
Photo: GCIS

An absolute no-no when travelling, is to be with someone who is not willing to explore the sights and sounds. 

Steer clear of Minister of Co-operative Governance, Des van Rooyen

You travel with him, and the odds are 141 phone calls to 47 that you will hang around the same compound for the whole week. 

Even if the said massive mansion is in a world class city, you won't venture further. 

Van Rooyen will clip your travel wings as fast as you can say finance-minister-for-four-days. 

Best you avoid such a disaster and keep your State of Sightseeing alive.

Thuli Madonsela:

"Equally worrying is that Minister Van Rooyen who replaced Minister Nene can be placed at the Saxonwold area on at least seven occasions including on the day before he was announced as Minister."

Des van Rooyen_gcis
The Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) Minister Des van Rooyen. GCIS

If you love traveling - it seems the Gupta family can show you a place or two, and brag about it as well. 

Thuli Madonsela:

Mr A. Gupta apparently mentioned that his family has made Mr D. Zuma a billionaire and that he has a house in Dubai"

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