Is it illegal to eat human flesh?

Is it illegal to eat human flesh?

Shocking news broke that four people are to appear in court after confessing to eating human flesh. Dr. Gerard Labuschagne joined the #JacaBreakfast and touched on the psychological issues that causes this behaviour. 

Image Dr Gert Labuschagne

The news shocked many South Africans after a man went to the Estcourt community service centre and confessed that he was tired of eating human flesh. Scary! 

Four people have been arrested in Estcourt in Kwa-Zulu Natal after a man confessed to eating human flesh

We were joined by Dr. Gerard Labuschagne. He is a Clinical Psychologist, Criminologist and Advocate of the High Court with an interest in Forensic and Investigative Psychology. 

He shared his understanding around cannibalism and how the eating of human flesh is not necessarily illegal.  

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