Jacaranda FM stands by Tumi Morake

Jacaranda FM stands by Tumi Morake

As a significant broadcaster with a 22-year legacy we strive to serve our audiences with music, fun and information.

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We also believe in editorial integrity, freedom of speech, journalism ethics and good corporate values.

We have a diverse and substantial listenership, and we are proud of this cultural and demographic diversity. It is for all of our audiences that we do what we do.

With this diversity in mind, we never intend to offend or alienate a single listener but this is a delicate, and at times impossible, balance. This is because, whilst we are a “mostly-music” station, it’s our responsibility to be a constructive platform for conversations that matter to our community.

Regarding Tumi Morake’s on-air statements, we have reviewed the content against our editorial guidelines, Broadcasting Code of Conduct and our company values.

While the comments have clearly been construed by some of our valued listeners in a way that has caused offence, hurt and anger, this was not the intention, and this is regrettable.

However, Tumi Morake has our full support at this time, as have Martin Bester and Rian van Heerden and other staff who have found themselves at the forefront of this issue.

As it stands, we believe the statements do not contravene our policies, and we are further satisfied that via all of our platforms, many have had the opportunity to present differing viewpoints. Simultaneously, the content has been referred to the BCCSA and we look forward to their input, and have commissioned our own external analysis to add to the learnings.

On the eve of Heritage Day, we call on all South Africans to engage in open dialogue on these important subjects, and to not stand for aggression, racism and victimization toward those that offer differing viewpoints.

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