What is your #SummerInASong?

What is your #SummerInASong?

The holidays may be a thing of the past, but what would be that one song that reminds you of your break?

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Today marks the start of the 2018 work year for many. 

Private school scholars return to school, and many of us are still reminiscing about the good times we had during our holiday.

If there was one song that could describe your #SummerInASong, what would that be? There's no doubt that your holiday involved music in some sort or form. Whether it be during your road trip in the car, partying up a storm at your favourite local hangout or taking a jog on the beach, music helps make our memories, well, memorable. 

Breakfast Show host Martin Bester's #SummerInASong was Chris Rea's 'On the Beach'. Bester described the moment while "laying on the beach in Kenton", staring at the heat reflecting off the beach sand. 

Many of our amazing listeners also took to our social media platforms to share their #SummerInASong:

Celebrities such as Fokofpolisiekar's Francois Van Coke also shared his #SummerInASong with us. Awolnation's 'Passion' was on repeat for the rocker.

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