Adorable TikTok sensation performs on Breakfast with Martin Bester

Adorable TikTok sensation performs on Breakfast with Martin Bester

After going viral on TikTok for his performance of ‘I Feel Good’, Desmond Koolen joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to perform live in studio.

Adorable TikTok sensation performs on Breakfast with Martin Bester
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If you need a little dose of positivity, you’re in luck. A recent video shared on TikTok of a little boy performing is sure to leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. 

TikTokker Adele Koolen shared a video in which her son, Desmond Koolen, performed his adorable rendition of James Brown’s ‘I Feel Good’.

@actually_its_adele So proud of this boy! Performed infront of the whole jnr prep today #fyp #tiktoksouthafrica #thisismylife #momandboylife #kidperformer #adoptionjourney ♬ original sound - Adele Koolen

The video garnered international attention, with many TikTok users reacting positively to the video. 

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The video also reached American television host and actor Wayne Brady, who commented on the video, and actor Will Smith, who shared the video.

Koolen joined the Breakfast with Martin Bester team after he went viral on TikTok to perform ‘I Feel Good’ live at the Jacaranda FM studio.

Watch his performance here.

The seven-year-old's mom, Adele Koolen, told Breakfast with Martin Bester that they took Desmond into foster care in 2020 when he was only three and a half years old. In 2021, the adoption was finalised.

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According to Koolen, Desmond is an exceptional child with many different interests and talents.

He enjoys rugby, football, playing PlayStation, and watching YouTube, but he is also excelling in drama and performing arts and did his first voiceover for Junglevites at age five.

Desmond also won three golds (two solo & one group) in acting and two junior diplomas in vocal at the National Eisteddfod.

Next week, Desmond will be attending the SA Champs where he will be performing 22 items in total, ranging from acting, vocals, and modelling.

We wish him the best of luck!

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