Coronavirus will impact these three industries the most

Coronavirus will impact these three industries the most

As many countries are implementing a lockdown, some industries will not survive.

Movie theatre

Many businesses are caught on the wrong side of the disruption because of a continuation of the lockdown. 

Global airlines are taking a knock, but they will survive as passengers will take to the skies again. However, some businesses will be on the wrong side of luck. 

The movie theatre industry will change. Being able to watch a movie in the theatre seems like a far off dream as theatres are shut. 

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Kids film Trolls 2 became the first mainstream movie to be released online, skipping movie theaters.

The coronavirus pandemic will be the final nail in the coffin for some clothing stores, especially those not equipped for online shopping. 

Will businesses renew the lease of their office space now that many employees are working from home?

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