Driver drags man out of his taxi for littering

Driver drags man out of his taxi for littering

This taxi driver simply had enough and decided to do something about it.

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We all get annoyed on the road and sometimes our patience wears thin. Some drivers don’t know which lane they want to be in, some play their music really loudly or they talk on their cellphone - which could result in an accident. 

With all that in mind, this driver was pushed over the edge...

A taxi driver in Russia has one thing that irks him – people who litter. When his passenger did just that, he stopped the car, walked around, and picked up a bottle his passenger threw out the window.

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It didn’t stop there!

He forcibly removed his passenger, threw him to the floor, and drove off without him.

Many people feel the same way by commenting: “That’s awesome! That taxi driver is a legend.”

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