Frustration rises over cost of school stationery in South Africa

Frustration rises over cost of school stationery in South Africa

Parents across South Africa have taken to social media to share their frustration over the cost of school supplies. 

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It's a new year and children across South Africa are heading back to school, but not without immense pressure on parents. 

Frustrations over the current cost of school supplies have been shared across social media, with many parents calling it a "scam". 

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Wednesday, 11 January, saw the return of pupils to public schools. The Breakfast with Martin Bester team shared their thoughts on the cost of stationery.

The rising frustration among parents and guardians is due to an array of school costs in addition to stationery. 

Uniforms, toiletries, school fees, and supplies needed for those extra mural activities are all added to the already costly school year.

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Some parents and guardians shared their frustration on social media, with some even asking for sponsors from strangers.  

Sports presenter Xola Nsthinga shared his thoughts on the matter; saying that he is sure his "children will be losing something in the next two weeks of school". 

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