'Hot' police officer sends South Africa into a frenzy

'Hot' police officer sends South Africa into a frenzy

A hunky South African police officer recently shared a picture of himself in his police uniform, and let's just say South Africans could not hide their thoughts...

Devan Cox/ Facebook

Devan Cox first made waves in 2022 when social media users discovered the hunky police officer online.

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Cox gained quite a bit of popularity when he was first discovered, and when he recently posted another picture of himself in his uniform, social media users once again could not contain themselves.

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The police officer posted a mirror selfie showing off his smouldering good looks and perfectly fitted police uniform with the caption, "same game different level".

After his post, the verdict was unanimous; everyone wanted to be arrested by him.

"Ooooh what a hot cop. I [have] been bad arrest meeee," commented one user.

"You can arrest me anytime," said another.

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"Please arrest me. I am a criminal" andĀ "I want to turn myself in" were some other comments.

Look here:

According to his Facebook account, Cox currently resides in East London in the Eastern Cape.

His most recent post has garnered over 11,000 reactions, over 2,000 comments, and more than 4,000 sharesĀ on Facebook.

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Image: Devan Cox/ Facebook


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