Kurt Darren celebrates 120-million streams on Breakfast with Martin Bester

Kurt Darren celebrates 120-million streams Breakfast with Martin Bester

Legendary musician Kurt Darren joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to celebrate his big milestone!  

Kurt Darren celebrates 120 million streams on Breakfast with Martin Bester
Source: Jacaranda FM/Breakfast with Martin Bester

Kurt is a SAMA-winning singer, songwriter, and television presenter.

The musician has been in the industry for years and his music still gets us on the dance floor!

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This morning, Breakfast with Martin Bester surprised Kurt Darren. He just cracked 120-million streams on digital platforms.

Kurt Darren answered questions from listeners and we never knew this side of the musician. Listen to it below! 

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Image credit: Jacaranda FM/Breakfast with Martin Bester 

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