Leon Schuster and Alfred Ntombela return with stellar cast for 'Mr Bones 3'

Leon Schuster and Alfred Ntombela return with stellar cast for 'Mr Bones 3'

Leon Schuster and Alfred 'Shorty' Ntombela joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to talk about the brand new 'Mr Bones 3: Son Of Bones' movie. 

Leon Schuster and Alfred Ntombela
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Leon Schuster and Alfred 'Shorty' Ntombela are back with 'Mr Bones 3: Son Of Bones'.

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The placard shows the popular duo in character with hilarious expressions, and one can only imagine what antics to anticipate, as the two set out to defend Kuvukiland from unscrupulous oil-diggers and treasure hunters.

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Sixty years ago, in an obscure corner of Africa, the only survivor of a light aircraft crash was a baby boy. Perhaps it was the miracle of his survival that gave him the gift of “sight”, and he became a Sangoma, the seer of the Kuvuki tribe, interpreting the wishes of The Great One through the throwing of the bones. Hence his name – Bones (Schuster). Today, at an advanced age but still fit in mind and body, his mission is to pass on his wisdom to his son, Mathambo (Ntombela), and guide him into manhood, a mission doomed to fail because of both of their obsessive personalities.

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The storyline of 'Mr. Bones 3: Son of Bones' begins at the turn of the last century when we witness (flashback) the burying of the Kruger millions by two Boer soldiers, who then kill each other through idiotic greed, leaving the Kruger millions hidden in a graveyard in Kuvukiland. Now, in the present, a scrawny businessman named Alvin (Moonsamy) and his Texan engineer partner named Jack (Janks), together with their beautiful guide, Gabrielle (Anstey), are plotting to mine for oil in the pristine land which would leave it an oily mess. Bones and Mathambo must devise a way to outsmart the opinionated Westerners. Of course, as their plan unfolds, so do many other unexpected twists and turns, with hilarious effects.

'Mr Bones 3: Son of Bones', will release in cinemas nationwide on Thursday, 14 April 2022.

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