Man finds his phone ten months after losing it in a river

Man finds his phone ten months after losing it in a river

Owain Davies was reunited with his phone after a man found it along a river trench. 

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Anyone that's ever lost a phone will know that the chances of finding it again are close to zero. 

Owain Davies, 35, however, found his phone 10 months after he dropped it in a river. He dropped his iPhone into the River Wye in the UK after he went overboard while canoeing.

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Amazingly, he was reunited with his phone 10 months later after Miguel Pacheco was out canoeing along the same stretch of river and spotted the phone. 

After cleaning the phone and allowing it to dry out, Pacheco put the phone on charge and discovered that it was still in working condition. He then took to social media in an attempt to track down the owner of the phone. 

His post was shared more than 4,000 times, which ultimately led to Davies being reunited with his phone.

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According to BBC News, Pacheco said that he went through the effort of drying out the phone because there may have been "sentimental" things on it. "I know if I lost my phone, I've got a lot of pictures of my children, I know I'd want that back."

Davies expressed his gratitude and shock over the amount of effort Pacheco went through to recover his phone. "My natural reaction would be to hand it into the nearest pub. It wouldn't be to use my air compressor to dry it out and dismantle it."

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