The one question Martin Bester gets asked the most

The one question Martin Bester gets asked the most

Martin Bester wants you to finish the sentence, “If I had a million rand for every time someone asks me…”

Martin Bester in studio on 22 July 2021
Source: Jacaranda FM/Wesley Rhode

We all ask questions to get to know someone better or to fill an awkward silence. Whatever the reason might be, some questions should not be asked according to Breakfast with Martin Bester's listeners.  

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We had an influx of listeners who wanted to get the one question everyone asks them off their chest! 

And, boy, is it hilarious! Are you guilty of asking some of these questions? 

Martin Bester admitted he is guilty of asking Uber drivers, “So, how’s business today?”

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However, what do you think is the one question people ask Martin Bester?

Listen to what the question is below!

Image credit: Breakfast with Martin Bester 

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