Praying South African toddler goes viral

Praying South African toddler goes viral

Residents in the east of Tshwane have been dumped in darkness since Tuesday, but one little girl is trying her best to change things.

Girl praying breakfast

It is unclear when electricity will be restored after the Wapadrand substation was engulfed in flames.

Until it gets restored, residents are trying their best to survive and go on with their daily lives.

Households and businesses have been forced to change their routines. Jacaranda FM News reported that a father of a new-born baby has had to make emergency plans to ensure that the outage doesn't result in health concerns.

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"With a six-month baby at home you can't quite be without hot water or electricity to sterilize bottles and make sure everything he needs is there."

This morning, however, Martin Bester heard about a little girl praying for electricity and for the lights to be switched on. Too cute!

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