Questions about the Copyright Amendment Bill answered

Questions about the Copyright Amendment Bill answered

The Copyright Amendment Bill has been in the news quite extensively and it seems to affect the creative industry significantly.


A coalition of professionals is set to take on the Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies.

Jacaranda FM’s Morné JK and the conveyor for the Coalition for Effective Copyright in South Africa, Collen Dlamini gave us an insight into what the Copyright Amendment Bill is.

The coalition comes after auditing firm PwC and Publishers Association of South Africa (PASA) assessed the Bill and found that it would result in a number of job losses, loss of revenue, and permitting free re-use of materials.

Dlamini adds, ‘It is an outdated act of 1978. However, the Bill does not do what it intended to do. It is supposed to improve the livelihood of all creatives.’

Listen to the full podcast below:

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