Swedish couple banned from naming their child this...

Swedish couple banned from naming their child this...

What would you do if the government stopped you from naming your child a name you had your heart set on?  

Swedish children
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Naming your child can be the easiest or hardest thing to do. Your little one will have to live with their given name for the rest of their lives. 

Just last year, a Swiss business made the news after offering free internet for 18 years to anyone naming their child Twifius or Twifia. 

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One year later, The Swedish Tax Authority has banned a couple in Sweden from naming their child ‘Vladimir Putin’. 

Skatteverken, The Swedish Tax Authority, is responsible for the national tax collection and population registration administration, similarly to SARS in South Africa. 

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The Vladimir Putin we all know is the long serving president of Russia.

According to the Swedish Tax Authority, the chosen name is 'unfitting' and ‘inappropriate’. 

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