Vehicle accidentally drives into the sea in Hermanus

Vehicle accidentally drives into the sea in Hermanus

There have been many horror stories of vehicles driving into the sea. Here is another one...

Vehicle in Hermanus
Source: @BOSBEER2006 Twitter

A few months ago, Breakfast with Martin Bester reported that police in Port Elizabeth were investigating a case of reckless and negligent driving after a couple veered off the John Tallant Road, located in Nelson Mandela Bay in the Eastern Cape. 

The vehicle “flew” over the highway into the ocean. 

This time around, footage of a vehicle that drove into the sea at New Harbour in Hermanus has been released. 

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Hermanus New Harbour lies west of town, alongside the township Zwelihle and close to the western end of Westcliff Road.

The footage was caught on CCTV cameras. 

It would seem the driver misjudged where the road ends and ended up in the water!

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Image credit: Twitter @BOSBEER2006

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