VIDEO: SA waiter rejects 'insulting' R5 tip

VIDEO: SA waiter rejects 'insulting' R5 tip

South Africans were left outraged when a patron offered a waiter a R5 tip on a R480 bill.

SA waiter rejects 'insulting' R5 tip
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In South Africa, the norm is to tip your waiter between 10% and 15% of the total bill amount.

This can, of course, change depending on the service, but in most regards, if the service is good, we tip (or so we hope). 

One TikToker faced a lot of backlash from South Africans after he revealed that he tried to tip his waiter R5, and the waiter rejected it. 

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In the video, TikToker, @qiqqa16, shows the tip he was planning on giving along with his R480 bill. 

"Hello guys, so I am at Dan Anker. So, what happened is that we are out. We ordered and the bill came and the person I am with said I am not gonna be able to tip this guy. So, I gave the tip of R5. Tell me if I am wrong," he said in the video. 

The man revealed that the waiter decided to reject the R5 tip. 

We also noted that there is no mention of bad service, just that he realised he couldn't afford a proper tip. 

Watch here:

The video was shared across multiple social media platforms.

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On X, South African @gentlebjgiant replied to the video saying: "Are you aware that some waiters doesn't gets salaries but lives on tips? R5 is an insult as far as I’m concerned."

"Just don't tip than giving 5 rands … what can u buy with 5 rands," said another.

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