VIDEO: SA's Tyla visits her old high school, Edenglen

VIDEO: SA's Tyla visits her old high school, Edenglen

The 'Water' hitmaker recently visited Edenglen High School, her old high school in Johannesburg. 

SA singer Tyla poses on the beach
South African singer Tyla/ Instagram ('Water' single cover art. Photographed by Michael Nyembo)

Unless you live under a rock, you've definitely heard the name Tyla. 

The South African-born singer has been flooding social media timelines and taking over headlines across the world after the release of her hit song, 'Water'. 

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Of course, the singer's international fame has left South Africans feeling proud, sharing their praise on social media and playing her song whenever they get a chance. 

The pop amapiano star recently took a trip down memory lane when she visited her old high school, Edenglen High School, in Johannesburg. 

In the video shared on social media, Tyla can be seen walking through the school corridors, reminiscing about her time at the school. 

"It sparks a lot of memories, even standing here. Remembering all the moments, all the laughs, all the auditions, the rehearsals that we had, talent shows. I just loved everything," Tyla says during the video. 

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During her visit, she also met with students from the school, mingling with them and even having them sing along to her new song, 'Truth or Dare'.

Watch here:

Tyla recently sparked a massive debate online when Western fans of the singer learned that she doesn't identify as black, but rather coloured. 

'Coloured' is predominantly seen as a racial slur in America. 

Many South Africans were outraged and defended the singer, as the term has a different connotation in South Africa. Many felt that fans' outrage over the term was disrespectful towards Tyla and other South Africans. 

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