WATCH: Woman killed by train while trying to take selfie

WATCH: Woman killed by train while trying to take selfie

The harrowing moment a woman was struck and killed by a train was caught on camera...

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*Warning: This article contains graphic content

Millions of people were left in shock after a video of a woman being struck and killed by a train went viral on social media.

The incident occurred in a small town in Mexico where many locals gathered to witness a vintage steam train, The Empress, passing through the town en route from Canada to Mexico City.

In the video, the woman can be seen moving closer to the train tracks in an attempt to capture a selfie with the train moving at full speed.

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As the train approached the crowd and the woman, it was blasting its horn to celebrate with the crowd – it was at this point, as the train was passing through the crowd, that the woman was struck on the head.

Unfortunately, the woman moved too close to the tracks, which resulted in her getting hit.

The harrowing moment was caught on camera as many were filming the train passing through to capture the big moment.

Before getting struck, the woman can be seen telling her son to move back from the tracks, although she remained close to the tracks.

In an instant, the woman fell to the ground and showed no signs of life when onlookers rushed to her aid.

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Watch here.

She was later confirmed dead.

The railway company CPKC (Canadian Pacific Kansas City) has confirmed an investigation is underway, adding in a statement: "We are deeply saddened by this loss of life and wish to express our condolences to the woman’s family and loved ones."

"For their own safety and that of the crews, all spectators looking at any train must always remain at least 10 meters back from the train and the tracks. Spectators must never stand on railway tracks, try to board rail equipment or climb on rail infrastructure."

Finally, CPKC said: "Always use caution around tracks and trains."


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Image: X/ Screenshot


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