WATCH: Fan throws mom’s ashes on stage at Pink concert

WATCH: Fan throws mom’s ashes on stage at Pink concert

This is by far one of the strangest things we’ve ever seen!

Pink fans mother's ashes
Twitter/ Screenshot

Everyone wants to lay their loved ones to rest respectfully and sentimentally; we’re just not sure if a Pink concert is a place to do this.

While in the midst of the European leg of her Summer Carnival 2023 Tour, the Grammy winner was performing her song ‘Just Like a Pill’ when a fan threw a clear plastic bag filled with a powdered substance on stage.

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During her performance at BST Hyde Park in London, the singer picked up the back and realised it was ashes. 

It turns out the fan tossed their dead mother’s ashes on the stage. 

In a video shared on Twitter, Pink picked up the bag, holding it only by the corner, and asked: "Is this your mom?"

The crowd member then seemed to affirm that it was, in fact, the ashes of their dead mom.

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The ‘Never Gonna Not Dance’ singer then made a confused face and slowly placed the bag down, saying, "I don't know how I feel about this"...

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