Would you pay R43,350 for body cream?

Would you pay R43,350 for body cream?

We better not age for the next 50 years after using this cream!

de la mer creme
Woolworths.co.za/ Screenshot

It’s the year 2023 and self-care and skin care have never been more topical than now.

Unfortunately, skin care does not always come cheap; sometimes, it’s even sold at ridiculous prices. 

A local retailer has become the topic of discussion after social media users spotted that it’s selling a moisturising cream for more than R40,000. 

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Crème de la Mer moisturising cream is an iconic beauty product known by many, and although the price usually has people in shock, no one expected it to sell for R43,350. 

Creme de la Mer Woolworths
Woolworths.co.za/ Screenshot

According to the website, the “legendary” Crème de la Mer moisturising cream contains something called The Miracle Broth™ (we are not sure what this is), as well as sea kelp that “has the power to transform the skin”. 

“In a short time, firmness improves, lines, wrinkles and the look of pores become less visible, skin looks virtually ageless.” 

Consumers will pay R3,400 for a 30ml pot, R6,295 for a 60ml pot, and a whopping R42,350 for a 500ml pot.

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TikTok users responded hilariously to the insane price, with one user saying: “I better not age for the next 42 years.” 

“The fountain of youth better be in that tub,” commented another.

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