Man caught peeping in bathroom at mall in Midrand

Man caught peeping in bathroom at mall in Midrand

A man was caught on camera peeping at another man in a bathroom at the Mall Of Africa - watch the video below. 

Man caught on camera
Twitter/ @Dezra_Ore

A video is currently trending on social media of a man that was caught ogling another man while he was using the bathroom in Mall Of Africa. 

According to News24, the man was left traumatised after he recorded a man peeping underneath his bathroom stall.

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The man told News24 that he saw the man standing in the bathroom but paid little attention to him as he was in desperate need of the toilet. Once inside the cubicle, he saw a lot of movement in front of his door.

The man took out his phone and started recording the movement. He only realised what happened when he watched the video on his phone. 

According to the report, the victim stayed in the cubicle for another 30 minutes, waiting for more people to enter the secluded bathroom before he had the courage to leave. 

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