WATCH: 'Omgee Engele' visits inspiring Judith and she pays it forward

WATCH: 'Omgee Engele' visits inspiring Judith and she pays it forward

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Judith Xaba
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Being the breadwinner for yourself and your child on a domestic worker's salary is not easy. Also being the guardian and provider to your siblings’ six children sounds impossible. For Judith Xaba, this is a blessing and her biggest wish to be able to carry on doing. Judith has taken in both her deceased sister and brother’s children as her own. She does not complain about the financial and emotional burden, she just wants to be able to provide for her family - as she has done for the past few years. Unfortunately, Judith herself needs some help. She broke her leg about 10 years ago.

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The leg was put in a cast, but grew back crookedly and now is at a 30 degree angle. This has put pressure on her knee, that needs to be replaced. Judith’s employers have taken her to various state hospitals, where she’s been given surgery dates that were cancelled. She was told last year that it could take three to five years before she would get a knee replacement. Her employers have approached Operation Healing Hands, who have given R50,000 towards the prosthetic knee and costs - but because of the break 10 years ago, Judith needs some specialised corrective surgery first. 

This will also be done free of charge, but the specialised screws, cage, and other consumables will cost another R100,000. After coming this far, this amount is all that stands between Judith's pain and her ability to support those she loves and cares for.

Good Morning Angels and Breakfast with Martin Bester helped breadwinner Judith back on her feet to support her extended family of seven.

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