“We are proactively preventing a system collapse”: Eskom

“We are proactively preventing a system collapse”: Eskom

Martin Bester spoke to Daphne Makoena, Eskom's acting spokesperson, about the current loadshedding stages.

Daphne Makoena
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There has been a lot of talk about loadshedding that might go up to stages 12 to 16.

This has caused a lot of concern for South Africans as the current loadshedding stages already greatly affect their daily lives. 

According to acting Eskom spokesperson, Daphne Makoena, the power utility is doing all it can to prevent more intensive loadshedding stages. 

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She also added that stages 12 to 16 do not necessarily mean more loadhsedding, but rather Eskom is looking at re-wording or redefining the current loadhshedding stage names that were implemented in 2017. 

The different stages being implemented depend on breakdowns and the strain on the electricity grid. 

Makoena said that Eskom is doing all it can to take proactive measures to prevent a total blackout, and part of these measures includes loadshedding.  

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“We are proactively preventing a system collapse through the current loadshedding stages,” she said.

“With the current state of disaster, we are fast tracking, trying to alleviate pressure on the system for winter.” 

She further urged South Africans to keep using electricity sparingly and reduce their demand.

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