This is what it means to "loud budget"

This is what it means to "loud budget"

Loud budgeting is the latest financial trend to be taking over social media.


We all know the struggle of setting up a budget just to realise halfway through the month that you've overspent.

Instead of then trying to save your finances, you just give up on the budget and keep spending your money until the dreaded last week of the month. 

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If you've tried every financial hack to prevent this and nothing works, you might want to try the new "loud budgeting" trend.

The loud budgeting trend that has been taking over social media. It basically encourages people to be more open and vocal about their budgets and spending habits.

An example of loud budgeting is being open with friends about being unable to go out because it doesn't suit your budget or telling friends you can do one drink but not dinner. 

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According to Business Insider, the concept was first introduced by TikTok user Lukas Battle in December 2023. 

"It's not 'I don't have enough', it's 'I don't want to spend'," Battle said in a December TikTok

@lukasbattle Replying to @operelly ♬ original sound - Lukas Battle

Business Insider also reports that there are three key ways of loud budgeting that are helping people be more financially savvy: 

  1. Being vocal about their finances and budget
  2. Setting mindful savings goals
  3. Investing in financial literacy

@feelgoodwoo We asked the woo office how they’re loud budgeting in 2024 🎤 ‘Loud Budgeting' is a term brought to fame by creator @Lukas Battle when he declared that 'Quiet Luxury’ is out for the new year. It’s intentional spending. It’s regaining financial agency. It’s definitely not about being frugal at the cost of feeling content, it’s more about making a conscious financial choice that’s wholly yours. As Battle says in the video, “It’s more chic, more stylish and more of a flex than spending money.” #loudbudgeting ♬ original sound - woo


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