Woman hitches a ride on outside of moving truck

Woman hitches a ride on outside of moving truck

A video of a woman sitting on the outside of a moving truck has sparked controversy across Mzansi. Watch below!

Lady Sitting On Truck
Twitter/ Screenshot - Woman Sitting On Truck

Welcome to South Africa, where you can always expect the unexpected... 

A new video shared on social media has sparked mixed responses from Mzansi after a woman is seen taking a ride on the outside of a moving truck. 

The woman, who is unknown, is seen holding on to wires and pipes while sitting between the truck's cab and container. 

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Some deemed the video hilarious and uniquely South African, while others shared their sadness over the incident. 

"It’s sad how poverty can strip you away of your dignity and make you vulnerable like this. I don’t think anyone would voluntarily choose to put themselves in harm’s way like that," wrote one Twitter user.

Another stated: "I wish we can find her I would like to bless her with a very very big Xmas gift! I see my mom in her..may God bless her soul."

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Many also shared their anger over South Africa's current situation, saying that this is the product of the country's "failing government". 

"Desperation to move from point A to B while the @PresidencyZA talks about the 4th industrial revolution."

Watch the video below: 

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