Beyoncé Renaissance Tour features robots, a flying horse, and a SA song

Beyoncé Renaissance Tour features robots, a flying horse, and a SA song

Queen B has kicked off what is said to be the highest-grossing tour of all time with a bang!

Beyoncé kicks off incredible Renaissance tour, first solo tour since 2016

In case you missed it, Beyoncé and the Beyhive's first night of the Renaissance tour has been all everyone has been talking about since the first performance in Stockholm, Sweden took place.

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Every social media timeline is filled with videos of a glamourous and beautiful-looking Beyoncé doing what she does best: putting on a show.

Since this is her first solo tour since 2016, Beyoncé decided she was going to go big, instead of going home, as she sets out on a 57-date tour that is projected to gross a whopping $2.4-billion.

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The show has a setlist of 36 songs and runs close to three hours, with the singer covering everything from emotional ballads to sexy tunes and finally bringing the disco vibes, huge disco ball and all, with her latest hits from her 'Renaissance' album.

While the reviews so far have all been glowing, which indicates that this is definitely not a show one would want to miss, there have already been some standout moments.

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Most notably, while Beyoncé's dancers were entertaining the crowd, one sharp listener was quick to notice that the queen's setlist includes a proudly South African song by the one-and-only Uncle Waffles.

Someone also managed to capture the moment the song, 'Tanzania', was playing in the stadium:


The 'Cuff It' singer has also shared a video from the first night which further included her being wrapped in a massive blanket, dancing with actual robots, and, in true mega popstar fashion, flying through the sky on a bedazzled horse:

If Beyoncé is reading this, we would greatly appreciate you releasing the South African tour dates now...

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