Boy starts petition to remove 'offensive and insulting' emoji

Boy starts petition to remove 'offensive and insulting' emoji

This 10-year-old is ready to take on Apple!

Boy starts petition to remove 'offensive and insulting' emoji
BBC News

The world of emojis has been expanding year after year since the first little :) was introduced.

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From various types of food to a wide diversity of skin colours, emojis aim to cater for all.

Teddy, a 10-year-old from Oxfordshire, England, feels that it is not the case when it comes to the design of the emoji wearing glasses, aka the “nerdy emoji”.

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He believes that the emoji with its buckteeth gives the wrong impression of people who wear glasses and has redesigned the emoji.

Teddy’s main mission is to have others who wear glasses feel included and proud, just like he does.

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He also refers to the emoji, often called the nerd emoji, as the genius emoji.

After noticing the emoji, it started to bother him and he spoke to one of his teachers about it. She was happy to support and encourage him, so a petition was started, first at school and then online to help get Apple’s attention.

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The major tech company has yet to acknowledge whether or not they are aware of the petition but, hopefully, Teddy will receive a much-anticipated response soon.

Watch his passionate (and adorable) call to action video here:

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