Coleslaw ice-cream is a thing and people are upset

Coleslaw ice-cream is a thing and people are upset

I scream, you scream, everyone is screaming because somebody combined coleslaw and ice-cream!

Coleslaw ice-cream is a thing and people are upset

While we might be shivering in the cold right now, countries in the northern hemisphere are enjoying their Summer.

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There are two tasty treats that are generally quite common during the summertime.

Whether it's next to a braai or a bucket of chicken, coleslaw is a necessary side dish, and to beat the heat, you have to have a popsicle or ice-cream of some sort.

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Unfortunately, someone decided to combine these two to create what people are calling an 'abomination'.

Let us introduce you to the coleslaw popsicle:

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While the original creator of the dish has not been credited or identified, the food has made its way to the Facebook group, 'Food In Places It Shouldn't Be'. 

Many would agree that coleslaw is good when eaten cold, but freezing it into a popsicle shape and insinuating that it should be licked like vanilla ice-cream is a mistake.

The caption states, "Nothin beats coleslaw pops on a hot summer day", but users were quick to respond with comments such as "kill it with fire", "that's too far", and "I'm calling the police".

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People have their own tastes and you might not like what everyone else likes, but it seems like we can all agree: coleslaw popsicles are a hard no!

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