WATCH: Hawk interrupts woman's guitar practice to grab food

WATCH: Hawk interrupts woman's guitar practice to grab food

Another day, another person scared to death by a surprise visitor...

Hawk attacks woman playing guitar as it grabs snack

While you might find a sneaky little mouse or rat running around your home every now and again, birds flying into homes and not being able to figure out how to get back outside is also pretty common.

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What is not as common is a predatory bird entering your house looking to grab a snack.

Nikki Kundanmal, a 20-year-old in America, recently shared that she had experienced the most chaotic day of her life.

What started as a normal day quickly took a wild turn while she was practising guitar.

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Luckily, Nikki decided to record a video of her practising otherwise few people would believe what happened as she was playing.

The video, which she posted on her TikTok page, has been viewed over five-million times and starts off with Nikki singing and playing while the text on the screen points to a hawk that has landed on her balcony.

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What happens next is a series of unfortunate and absolutely chaotic events involving Nikki, her dog, and the hawk.


so do I call ellen or does ellen call me 🤨

♬ original sound - Nikki Kundanmal

The good news is that no one was injured during this incident... except maybe a laptop.

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