VIDEO: Couple sign contract before embarking on long-distance relationship

VIDEO: Couple sign contract before embarking on long-distance relationship

Is a contract the key ingredient to making a long-distance relationship last forever?

VIDEO: Couple sign contract before embarking on long distance relationship

You will often find people who are firm believers that all long-distance relationships are doomed. That's obviously not true, as many people who have had some form of long-distance love end up spending their whole lives together.

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But that doesn't mean this specific kind of relationship doesn't come without its own set of difficulties and it does take work to make it work.

One couple has taken things to a very legal level.

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Devon Motley and Geren Gathright are a couple that will soon have to continue their relationship with some distance between them, and seeing as they have been watching a lot of 'Suits', a law-based television series, they decided to use their new legal knowledge.

The couple has created a Long-Distance Agreement (LDA) that contains various rules that need to be maintained during the relationship and if violations take place, either party can sue.

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Devon uploaded a video to TikTok of the couple going through the document together before signing it - and it has since gone viral.

Many viewers also requested a copy of the LDA to use in their own relationships and Devon has since started selling it in her shop.

Watch the video here:

@devonrainmotley we ❤️ suits #suits #harveyspecter #contract #longdistancerelationship ♬ Greenback Boogie - Suits Main Theme (From "Suits") - Geek Music
What violations are included in this document?

Cheating is a violation defined as "sleeping with someone of the opposite sex, having any sexual contact with someone of the opposite sex, messaging or calling the opposite gender with sexual innuendos with ill intent".

Slander includes speaking poorly of your partner and complaining about your relationship.

The last major violation is "neglect of participating party's emotional or physical state. Therefore a lack of reassurance would be considered under this violation".

Clearly, there is a market for LDAs, so we wish all these long-distance relationships the best.

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