Doctor approved hack will help you fall asleep in minutes

Doctor approved hack will help you fall asleep in minutes

If you are struggling to fall asleep, Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin has a technique that should help.

Doctor approved hack will help you fall asleep in minutes
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Whether you're a night owl or an early riser, every human needs sleep.

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Not getting enough sleep or not sleeping well enough can lead to serious health issues.

While there might still be debate over the amount of sleep you need, there's no doubt that all-nighters fuelled by coffee or energy drinks are not going to have great effects on your health.

Often you feel that no matter how hard you try, sleep is just simply evading you.

It might be due to stress, illness, or a newborn, and the list goes on.

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If you are sick of counting sheep or drinking pills, Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin's cognitive shuffle technique might be for you.

Serial diverse imagining (SDI), a.k.a the cognitive shuffle, was developed by Dr. Beaudoin.

There is no real wrong way to do this technique and the results should have you drifting off in minutes.

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How to do the cognitive shuffle:

1. Start by lying in bed and ready for sleep

2. Randomly select a word that is emotionally neutral to you and consists of five - 12 letters. This is called the seed word. 

Eg. Blanket

3. Now start with the first letter in blanket, 'B'; think of other words starting with that letter and applications of them.

B: build (imagine people building), bicycle, (imagine someone riding a bicycle) bowl, banana, bus, bunny, etc.

4. When you run out of words for the first letter, you move on to the next one, 'L'.

5. Continue doing this and you should fall asleep.

If you reach the end of the word and you are still awake, then you just choose a new seed word.

This is not the only way to help you get a good night's rest.

Exercise and sleep are deeply connected. Making sure you exercise in the morning will give you an energy boost for the day, boost the production of serotonin (the happy hormone), and improve your quality and duration of sleep.

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You can also help your body to stop producing melatonin, the sleep hormone, by opening your curtains for morning light or switching on a light. This will help you feel more awake and less drowsy.

You can adopt many everyday habits that will help improve your sleep schedule and the quality of sleep you get.

It's all about finding what works for you and trying your best to stick to it.

Here's to sleeping better in 2024!

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