Doctor warns against phone usage while on toilet

Doctor warns against phone usage while on toilet

If you are currently reading this while in the bathroom, this is a warning...

Doctor warns against phone usage while on toilet

Using our common knowledge, we all know that sitting on the toilet while doom-scrolling through TikTok, Reddit or any other app is probably unhealthy.

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But not all of us are doctors and medical experts, so what would they recommend and is this practice frowned upon?

We are happy and simultaneously sad to confirm, it very much is.

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Dr Karen Zaghiyan, a colorectal surgeon, spoke to the health site, Healthline, about the dirty consequences connected to lengthy loo time.

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The most important thing is that sitting on the toilet for a prolonged time will cause strain and that could lead to hemorrhoids being engorged with blood. This, according to Dr Zaghiyan, leads to pain, swelling, and even bleeding.

Now you have been warned so make sure you use your toilet time effectively and keep phones, books, and magazines outside the bathroom.

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