Domestic worker Thembi receives R300k Rolex from employer

Domestic worker Thembi receives R300k Rolex from employer

This special moment between employer and employee has captured the hearts of thousands.

Domestic worker Thembi receives R300k Rolex from employer
Malcolm Wentzel/TikTok

Malcolm Wentzel and Thembi Ubisi are a dynamic duo unlike any other.

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Thembi is employed by Malcolm as a domestic worker and when TikTok started becoming more popular, the two of them started making videos together.

Mzansi and users all over the world instantly fell in love with the pair and enjoyed their entertaining content.

The two of them seem to have a very special, intimate, and one-of-a-kind friendship that also brings joy to other people's lives.

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In one of Malcolm's most recent videos, he decided to surprise Thembi with a very special and extremely expensive gift.

Thembi reacted in the same way any other humble human would react to receiving a Rolex watch, which costs a minimum of R300k.

You can watch the wholesome moment play out here:

@malcolm_fkn_wentzel Good times @Luxurytimesa #thembi ♬ original sound - Malcolm Wentzel

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If you aren't familiar with Malcolm and Thembi yet, here are some of their other videos you can enjoy:

Warning: Some of these videos do contain strong language

@malcolm_fkn_wentzel Good luck for this weekend bokke🇿🇦 use this song and show your support. 🇿🇦 #thembi @@loufimusiek @Universal Music South Africa ♬ Bokke - Loufi
@malcolm_fkn_wentzel When the wifi is off😂 #thembi #fknarmy @kiki_la_coco ♬ original sound - Malcolm Wentzel
@malcolm_fkn_wentzel thembi is very clever.... she got the R1000 because a deal is a deal #thembi @kiki.lacoco @kikilacoco2 #grobbies ♬ original sound - Malcolm Wentzel
@malcolm_fkn_wentzel thembi wakes me up with water😂😅🤣🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦#thembi #grobbies @kiki.lacoco ♬ original sound - Malcolm Wentzel

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Main image courtesy of Malcom Wentzel/TikTok

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