Hilarious police training video goes viral

Hilarious police training video goes viral

This is not the best look for the SAPS...

Hilarious police training video goes viral

The South African Police Service has come under fire for various reasons, especially in recent years.

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With phones making it easy to capture footage and share it to social media quickly, there have been many videos that have unfortunately painted the SAPS in not the most favourable light.

In a recent video that has gone viral, the poor target of humiliation is once again the SAPS.

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The video, which was posted to X (formerly known as Twitter), shows a group of SAPS recruits taking part in a training exercise.

While we might not be police training experts, we have to agree with those commenting on the video that it does seem chaotic:

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This is what fellow South Africans had to say about the video:

This is only a small part of the training process and hopefully the trainees aren't too demotivated after this exercise.

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Main image courtesy of @khayadlanga/Twitter

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