The education system - What to expect next year

The education system - What to expect next year

The Department of Education has had a tough recovery after the pandemic, and the impacts are finally becoming evident. Journalist Christelle du Toit breaks down the situation.

High School Students/ Pexels
High School Students/ Pexels

The pandemic changed many aspects of people's lives, and one major change impacted in the education system, which had to adapt to the situation with speed.

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The adjusted system utilised during the pandemic has shifted the way students learn and engage with their school activities. This has begun to show in various ways.

Currently, teachers have begun to contemplate strike action for better wages, but there are concerns that such action would impact negatively on the students who have to write exams.

Quality assurance body Umalusi says there is some concern at the impact of community protests on the matric final exams.

Another issue is that there seems to be no urgency from parents to register their children for school, and this has caused a backlog in the system.

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The Gauteng Department of Education says the parents of 5 485 grade 1 and grade 8 pupils have not accepted school placement for 2023.

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