Embarrassing 107-year-old lost letter finally gets delivered

Embarrassing 107-year-old lost letter finally gets delivered

Better late than never they always say.

Mysterious letter gets delivered after 100 years
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In 2023, we are able to turn our read receipts off, but way back when people might have never even received your message, or letters as they called it.

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Film director Finlay Glen recently tweeted a picture of a letter he had received that had us asking more questions than it was answering.

The letter, which he received in 2021 was sent during World War I, so it's fair to say the postal service might have had its hands full with more pressing matters.

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The date on the letter reveals that it was sent in 1916 making it over 100 years old and lucky for us Glen decided to consult his local historical society to try and figure out the backstory and who might have been the writer.

You can have a look at the letter below:

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The letter revealed a mystery as the first sentence was deciphered and read: "My dear Katie, will you lend me your aid – I'm feeling quite ashamed of myself after saying what I did at the circle."

While we might not ever know what occurred during this meeting we did find out more about the original writer. Glen told the South London Press that Christabel Mennell was the daughter of a wealthy local tea merchant and further said in the letter that her behaviour was influenced by "being miserable here with a very heavy cold".

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The Royal Mail has addressed the situation and also told the South London Press that "incidents like this happen".

As mentioned, they might have been a bit busy during the War so we don't think there are any hard feelings.

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