WATCH: SA accommodation host receives backlash for posting disrespectful TikTok

WATCH: SA accommodation host receives backlash for posting disrespectful TikTok

Be careful about what you post on the internet because it can come back to bite you...

Airbnb host get backlash for cancelling guest's booking because of more expensive booking

We've all heard accommodation-related horror stories, but you usually find yourself siding with the guesthouse or apartment owner.

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It doesn't happen often that the majority of the audience agrees with each other, but when the people saw a recent TikTok, they all knew one thing: this is wrong.

The video in question, which has since been deleted, shows accommodation host, Qinisile Dlamini (@ladique), explaining that she and her co-host cancelled a guest's stay at their residence mere hours before the guest was supposed to check-in.

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While she intended the video to be funny, she did not get the response she had hoped for.

Instead, her audience thought that it was rude and unprofessional for her to have acted in this way.

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Dlamini's explanation is why it did not sit right with viewers:

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Essentially, they left this woman without a place to stay because they wanted to make more money.

Here are just some of the responses her video received:

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Although she had deleted the original video, Dlamini did make a video in response to the criticism she received:

@ladique Replying to @Emily_NCAPHE ♬ original sound - LadiQue

While she may have tried to explain her way out of this one, you can't help but feel the damage to her business has already been done.

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